Freedom House Church and Healing Centre

At Freedom House Church & Healing Centre Inc.,
we are dedicated to managing all of our resources
in the way that the Lord prescribes. 
Both our board, and our formal leadership
(consisting of our Pastors and Elders) meet
regularly to pray for direction from the Lord.

With respect to our finances,
Freedom House Church & Healing Centre Inc.
operates solely on contributions from its partners 
and from external donors. Contributors have the freedom
to state if they wish their gift be designated for specific purposes
(e.g., specific ministries, our Building Fund, etc.)* 
Funds not specifically dedicated are allocated into
our General Fund to meet the general operational costs of the church.
Freedom House Church & Healing Centre Inc.  has elected
to follow the Biblical principle of tithing, and therefore,
sets aside a minimum of 10% of our General Fund to
support missions and to meet the needs of individuals
and families within the Body of Christ.

Freedom House Church & Healing Centre Inc. prepares
an annual budget, which is publicly shared, discussed,
and approved by partners on a pre-determined Sunday.

*Building Fund and Designated Funds
In 2012, Freedom House began receiving gifts from
donors which were designated for any anticipated
costs related to the relocation of our ministries. 
For more information on how our Building Fund,
as well as any Designated Funds are managed,
please refer to the statements below:

Building Fund Definition:

“All funds designated towards the Building Fund will remain in the Building Fund and invested until enough capital is accumulated to either (a) purchase or rent a new building, (b) purchase or rent an older building and renovate it, (c) renovate our existing building, (d) purchase land and build a new building, or (e) some similar scenario that would allow us to eventually relocate into more efficient facilities.

The Building Fund capital will also be used to furnish and maintain the building and may be used for any purpose related to the building, including any building used by Freedom House Church & Healing Centre Inc.  , both present and future.

If the Building Fund receives more money than is required to meet the need OR if for any reason determined by the Board of Directors of Freedom House Church that this project should be terminated, then all funds remaining in the Building Fund will be used for other approved programs at the discretion of the Board.  Under no circumstances will designated funds be returned to the donor.

Interest earned will remain within the Building Fund and become part of the accumulated Funds.”


Designated Funds Policy:

“All designated funds will be used for the purposes designated until the need is either met or cannot be completed for any reason, at which time all remaining funds designated for that purpose will be used for other approved programs at the discretion of the Board.  Under no circumstances will donated funds be returned to the donor.”


For more information, or if you have any questions,
feel free to contact us here