Freedom House Church and Healing Centre

  • In fulfillment of the vision God has given us to bring healing and restoration to the body
    of Christ, and to equip the church to fulfill her mission of declaring and demonstrating
    King Jesus and His kingdom (Eph. 3:7-11), we offer training on a variety of topics in our
    training centre at 500 Willow, Guelph. We will also come and equip hungry saints in
    your church, free of charge. Here are some of the topics most asked for: 
    • The King and His Kingdom
    • the ministry of healing and deliverance
    • freedom from addiction
    • freedom from mental illness
    • the power of the cross, and the finished work of Christ
    • The Spirit-filled life
    • Prophetic Ministry
    • Healthy marriages, finances, relationships
    • Every believer - a minister of the Gospel
    • Kick starting people into evangelism street ministry
    Call or email for more details.

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