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EARS TO HEAR - Wendy Tolmie

I love to spend time with Jesus, getting to know Him more and listening to what He has to say and I would like to share some of it with you in this blog.  So, As I share what God puts on my heart, I hope and pray you will laugh, cry, be encouraged and maybe even convicted and challenged, but most of all I hope and pray that you will fall in love with Jesus!

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  • May22Mon


    May 22, 2023


    As I have been continuing to study and reflect on the Word of God certain words are being highlighted to me over and over and God has been speaking to me through His Word.

    Words like hear, obey, sent, go and do have been jumping off the page.  I have a strong sense that what God is saying to me is to not just read the Word,...

  • Apr23Sun

    A Call to Persevere

    April 23, 2023


    The Lord gave a Word to His church, ‘More Darkness-More Light’ back in December 2021. 

    This is what the Lord said, to the church of Jesus Christ, “There will be more evil, more deception, more trials, challenges, testing and tribulations.  There will be more persecution.  There will be more...

  • Apr9Sun

    Reflections on Psalm 23

    April 9, 2023

    Reflections on Psalm 23

    What a joy-filled week it has been.  Thursday night was spent celebrating the Lord’s Supper with the body of Christ followed by a foot washing which was humbling and a reminder to serve as Jesus served.  Friday night we spent together reflecting on the message of the cross through the Word, testimonies and...

  • Mar26Sun

    Reflection on Psalm 23

    March 26, 2023

    Reflections on Psalm 23


    Praise God for His faithfulness!  Praise God for His Word!  I have received much encouragement and comfort from Psalm 23 this past week.  In this blog and the next, I would like to share with you my reflections on this Psalm.


    Psalm 23

      The  Lord  is my shepherd; I shall...

  • Mar12Sun

    I am a Child of God!

    March 12, 2023

    I am a Child of God!

    As I continue to spend time with Jesus, He has put on my heart to share with you those things that I have been seeing, thinking about, writing about and praying about.   I pray that as you read this blog, especially the scriptures, God will write His truths on your heart as He has mine!

    As I look around at everything...

  • Feb26Sun


    February 26, 2023


    Many years ago God put on my heart to look into the scriptures regarding holiness.  It started with a sermon during which Phoebe Palmer was mentioned.  After reading her book ‘The Way of Holiness’ God put in my heart a desire to respond to Jesus’s call to be holy. (1 Peter...

  • Feb13Mon

    The Lord is a Warrior!

    February 13, 2023


    How I love Your Law! It is my meditation all the day. (Ps 119:97 NASB)  I want to know Jesus more!  So I am reading through His Word this year!  God is faithful to reveal Himself to those who seek Him. (Pro 8:17; Deut 4:29; Jer 29:13)  I was reading Exodus 15 yesterday and verse 3...

  • Jan29Sun

    Jesus is more than enough!

    January 29, 2023


    Jesus saved me out of a life of always seeking more.  More material things, more approval, more love in all the wrong ways and places, just to name a few.  I was never content, never satisfied.  When Jesus showed up and revealed to me that He was the one whom I had been searching for, He was the answer,...

  • Jan16Mon

    Say “YES” to God!

    January 16, 2023

    Say “YES” to God!


    Jesus is our perfect example of commitment!

    At the beginning of each New Year many people make goals for the year.  Many also look back at the previous year to see what has been accomplished.  Have you ever asked yourself, “How committed was I to accomplishing those goals?” 


  • Jan1Sun

    Less and More

    January 1, 2023


    He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.

    (Jn 3:30 NLT)

    I am writing this blog on the last day of 2022.  Like every year, I have been reflecting back on all that God has done in 2022 and looking ahead to 2023 with excitement and expectation.  Both looking back and forward causes me to thank God...