Freedom House Church and Healing Centre

Good morning church!

It was great to be together yesterday, celebrating our Lord and Saviour, Jesus! What a mighty God we serve!

Yesterday I delivered a word from 1Peter 4:7-8, emphasizing the need to have our mind focused and our heart pure, so we can pray during these "end times" we are in. And also, to increase our love one for another.

Ready and filled (35-40): This week's reading follows the same theme of being ready for the return of Jesus. Don't let anything trip you up as you serve the Master ( vs. 35-meaning of "be dressed") and be filled with Holy Spirit (keep your lamps burning). We are to be serving our Master- is this the attitude we have towards Jesus? Do we live to serve Him or ourselves? What will Jesus do when He returns? He will serve us, His bride, at the great wedding feast! What a picture!!! BE READY - we don't know when He is coming. But, the Master Will Return! Hallelujah - Come Lord Jesus!

Faithful and wise (41-48): The faithful and wise servant is to be using the gifts given to serve others - specifically, to feed others entrusted to his/her care. That implies making disciples, feeding the word of God, so that growth and maturity can happen. Are we faithful with the gifts God has given us to feed others, so they can grow, or are we mistreating others? "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

Fire and Division (49-53): Gentle Jesus, meek and lowly, uses pretty strong language here to describe what His coming to Earth to die will do - separate families, and divide the whole Earth - indeed it has! Friends, the division is increasing all the more with the anticipation of His second coming. People need to choose what side they are on and which master they are going to serve - we cannot serve two masters. His winnowing fork is in His hand (Luke 3:17)

Think of a wedding you have been to - one in which you were involved. Think of all the preparation that had to go into that big day. There were some frustrating times, but some great memories along the way. Then the day came; nerves were tingling, last minute details were being looked after. It may have been chaotic, but excitement was in the air. Then it was over, and the celebration began! A complete change of emotion. Fear was replaced with joy, and anxiety with peace. Many of us are looking forward to the day we will see Jesus return for His bride. For us who believe, it will be a great wedding feast, a celebration of unparalleled joy, as our faith becomes sight, and our love purified in His presence. Let us be ready and filled, faithful and wise, until that day.

Have a great week!

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