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God our Help

 “A very present help in times of trouble” (Psa. 46:1)


Hello Highly favored and Richly blessed,

“Help! I need somebody; Help! Not just anybody; Help! I need somebody now!”, goes the famous Beatles song. The feeling of being overwhelmed by life and its challenges leads to the desperate cry we are hearing often these days from people of every age. There is an epidemic of young people crying out for help, struggling with anxiety and depression; there are countless seniors who find themselves alone and afraid and poor; there are many whose lives are unraveling because of poor choices, unemployment, relationship issues, sickness, etc. I cannot count all the times someone has come into my path or sought me out as the pastor of a church looking for assistance to get out of a seemingly impossible situation. From the addict who is about to lose her children because of her dependence on drugs, to the newly arrived immigrant who is scared and confused and has no idea how to navigate life in Canada, there are a myriad of troubled people who need help far beyond what a human can supply. Sure, lots of people might be able to help with practical needs, but no one can truly calm the troubled soul ridden with anxiety and fear. God, our Refuge and Strength is the only One who can “help”, truly help people to free them from the deep-seated things that keep them in fear and bondage. 

The Hebrew of “a very present help” is quite interesting. From my study of this phrase, I have summed up the scholars’ thoughts with this paraphrase so that it could literally read: “It has been discovered or we have learned and found by experience that God is most certainly and surely, found to be abundant and exceeding assistance over anything that comes upon us that would cause us anguish and anxiety.” "Therefore, we will not fear” (46:2). God is with His people and those who walk with Him have learned over the years that when He hears one of His children cry “help”, He is there to help. The sons of Korah, the worship leaders who wrote this song (Psalm 46) wanted to sink this great truth into God’s people’s hearts, as Christians have been doing through song for 2 millennia. From Martin Luther’s “A mighty Fortress” to Isaac Watts’ “O God our help in ages past” to Hillsong’s “Came to my rescue”, history is filled with records of God’s deliverance in times of trouble – it is a sure thing! Friends, this four-letter prayer, “Help” is a powerful prayer that get’s our Father’s attention. When He hears His child cry out in desperation, He is moved to respond and assist. How many of us have been in that situation where we have gotten ourselves in trouble through words or deeds and needed divine intervention to free us from our plight. Many a salvation testimony climaxes with a cry for “Help” when a lost sinner needs pulling out of the pit in which they find themselves. Many a saint cries out “Help” in times of sickness, financial hardship, marital breakdown, loss of a loved one, and emotional trial. The verb “Help” reaches the ears of the One who is Help - our ever-present Help, our all-powerful Help, who is always with us, and what does He do? He Helps! Such a simple word with such incredible results. The cry goes from Earth to Heaven and Heaven responds! The arrival of Jesus is God sending help to His people who are in bondage to sin and its effects – He has come to save, rescue and deliver…to help (Luke 1:54)! The worried parents cry “Lord, help me” when their child is demon-possessed, and Jesus in mercy responds with help and deliverance (Matt. 15; Mark 9). Let us not forget that Jesus has given us “The Helper” (John 14 thru 16) to help us get through life on Earth and get us to our heavenly abode – God our Help lives inside us – He is always with us as Psalm 46 reminds us twice (vs. 7 & 11).

To know that God is our Help is to do as Psalm 46:10 states, “Be still (literally relax, stop striving), and know that I am God”. God is Help! Let Him handle it! Release your cares and burdens to Him. Don’t worry; be happy your Father is for you! He can fix it…He’s the Helper!



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