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Hello Church,

Hope you are well! Isolation is a great opportunity to spend time with Jesus, getting to know Him more. 

I love today's story of the feeding of the five thousand (Luke 9:10-20) - it has so many lessons for us as followers of Jesus. Here's how God has spoken to me with this passage of scripture:

1. Never turn away people God brings to you - always be ready to be used by God to display His Kingdom and power (vs. 11). Even if it is late in the afternoon, and you are tired, and don't feel like ministering to people, God still wants to use you.  (vs. 12)

2. Rely on His strength and power, not your own. Don't miss the opportunity to do the miraculous. God is always looking for people who will trust Him to multiply what little they have. Just bring your "little" to Jesus, and let God use it for His glory (vs. 13-14). Remember the whole "faith as small as a mustard seed" speech (see Luke 17:6)

3. The Key to seeing the supernatural in your life is trusting Jesus; intimacy with Jesus and doing what He says, even if it seems crazy! If you are living life with Jesus, then expect the supernatural! If you are living without the presence of Jesus, then expect nothing. The miraculous happens when we receive from His hands first (vs. 16). We can only give away what He first gives us. Stay in a position of "opened hands" so He can give you what you need to do what He calls you to do. That is called living by faith - His power flowing through us, for His glory. 

4. The key is believing Jesus is who He says he is. Is He just another prophet, or is He the Christ, the son of God! (vs. 18-20) What do you believe about Jesus? We have to be hungry to know Jesus!

I read a book by Heidi Baker called "Compelled by Love" in which she shares miracles of divine multiplication. God still does these types of miracles today! I have seen God multiply many things in my life over the years. He is able!

Click on the link and be encouraged!

Have a great week!

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