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“and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power 20 which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places” (Eph.1:19-20 NKJ)

Good day Church,

What a glorious God and King we serve! What a wonderful Father who has given us everything we need in this life to walk with Him and live in victory. Do you know how powerful you are? Do you know where the power comes from? Do you know who lives on the inside of you? Do you know who causes you to live and move and have your being? It is a sad thing in the Church of Jesus Christ to see a weak, feeble people who have so much potential and yet rarely harness the power available to them. Think of it this way: we are all super-powered sports cars, but many of us operate like run down VW Beetles (one of the slowest cars ever made). “Oh Mike! Don’t be so harsh”, you say! Well, let’s think about it for a second.

Today’s passage found in Ephesians 1:19-23, is an incredible passage! In verse 19, Paul wants to express this incredible power available to Christians, so he uses 4 different words for power, preceded by “exceeding greatness” or “incomparably great”. He uses every Greek word available to him to describe this power:

Power – dunamis: that supernatural power that is endued into us by Holy Spirit, that Jesus told his disciples they would receive in Acts 1:8, and by which they did all those amazing miracles and preached boldly
Working – energeo: supernatural strength to get things done
Mighty – kratos: force, strength and dominion
Power – isxus: supernatural ability, and physical power


How powerful are you in Christ? Well, Paul uses an illustration that is dear to his heart – the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Think about it! How much energy, force, strength and power does it take to raise a badly beaten, crucified body back to life after the blood had drained from it and rigor mortis had set in? Only God could revive that cold stiff body, put air in its lungs and blood in its veins! Only God could take a dead man and bring him back to life, and cause him to ascend into heaven, and sit at His right hand. That’s a lot of power! We will find out in the next chapter of Ephesians that that is exactly what He has done to and for us! We were all dead men and women raised to new life by the power of God!

God raised Jesus and set Him in authority over everything, and placed all things under His feet (vs. 21-22). So Christ is supreme ruler over all. But, He is also “head” over the church – that is – ruler and authority. And, we, the church, are His body. A head can’t live without a body, nor can a body live without a head! In order for the church to be the church, they need to see the head – Jesus Christ! We are the full expression of who Jesus is when we walk in the power given us by God. The church best represents the Savior who bought her, when she walks in the power given her to be whom she is meant to be. We are to put Christ on display to the world by walking in the fullness of Christ, with all the attributes and gifts given to us to do so (Eph. 3:9-11; Col. 2:9-10). Is this too deep? Let’s reason it together. Why did God save you? Because He loves you. But ultimately for His glory, not your own. He saved you to tell the world of His great love manifested in Christ, and to display His glory and praise (1Peter 2:9). He has endued you with every available power to accomplish this task – to be a witness to His love and grace found in Christ (Acts 1:8). That is our mission and He gave us power to accomplish it. Power to overcome sin and temptation; power to overcome your fears of evangelism; power to live holy lives and make wise choices; power to stand firm during trials and persecutions; power to defeat the enemy; and yes…power to do incredible things including miracles, signs, wonders and healings for God…to put Jesus on display, and show the world that we are His body and He is our Head. That is why Paul prayed to know Christ and the “power of His resurrection” (Phil. 3:10). He wanted to put Jesus on display to the world.

So you’re asking, “how do I get this power?” Truth is you already have it! Did you see verse 19…I mean really see what it says, “what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe”. Believe you have it. Lay hold of the power that is already yours. Why, because you are connected to the Head – to Christ. It’s not yours, it’s His. And He is in you! Your faith releases the power. You will always drive a Ferrari like a VW Beetle if you continue to believe that you are behind the wheel of a VW Beetle. When you realize you are behind the wheel of one of the fastest cars ever made, you’re pedal hits the metal and off you go! It is time for the Church, the Body of Christ to realize they are indwelt with the God of the universe who has conquered death and the grave, ascended on high and is ruling and reigning over everything and everyone! Wake up Church! The world needs you!

Walk in power and authority, and put the King and His kingdom on display to a lost and broken world!

(For Further study: Eph. 3:7, 20, 6:10; Col. 1:29, 2:12; 2Cor. 4:7, 14; Phil. 2:13, 4:13; 1Cor. 6:14; Acts 2:24; Rom. 1:4 and many more)

Have a great week!


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